Spanish 1
Prerequisite: None                            
Course Length:1 Year
Credit: 2 Credits
Course Description:
This course is designed to acquaint students with Spanish-speaking people and customs, as well as to build basic vocabulary and grammatical themes and patterns.



Spanish 2
Prerequisite: Spanish I
Course Length: 1 Year
Credit: 2 credits
Course Description:
This course further develops Spanish grammar patterns and vocabulary enlargement. Students are taught to demonstrate their knowledge and Spanish-speaking skills through speaking, listening, reading, writing, and numerous activities.


Spanish 3
Prerequisite: Spanish II
Course Length: 1 Year
Credit: 2 Credits
Course Description:
This course further develops vocabulary and grammar skills as well as an understanding of the Spanish language.  Students have the opportunity to work alone or in groups to improve their foreign language skills.  Spanish III students also have the opportunity to examine Spanish literature by reading and interpreting several famous stories by Spanish writers.
Spanish 4
Prerequisite: Spanish III
Course Length: 1 Year
Credit: 2 Credits, 16 Kaskaskia College credit hours
Course Description:
This is a one-year course designed to improve the knowledge of the language and the Hispanic culture. Students will develop comprehension, reading, and writing skills. Spanish IV students will stimulate the ability to communicate in Spanish using proper pronunciation. These students have the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic with the instructor at the end of the school year to better develop the Spanish cultures.

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